Romania, ANRE has approved the new prices for providing thermal energy

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The National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) has approved the new prices for providing thermal energy for district heating services.

The price increases are up to 96 % compared to last year, like in the city of Barlad. The prices grew by more than 90 % in Botosani, Oradea and Arad, and over 80 % in several cities, including the capital Bucharest.

Thus, district heating becomes 96 % more expensive in Barlad, jumping from 31.9 to 62.6 euros, from 32.3 to 63.2 euros (95 %) in Oradea, from 32.9 to 64.2 euros (94 %) in Arad. Other large price increases will be in Botosani – 94 %, in Bacau, Giurgiu and Brasov – 87 %, in Militari, Grivita, Focsani – 86 %. On the other hand, the lowest price surges are at Craiova (21 %) and Govora (22 %).

For Bucharest, ANRE approved an increase of 86.58 % in the price of thermal energy supplied by ELCEN, from 35.6 to 66.5 euros/GCal. At the moment, two thirds of the price is covered by the Bucharest City Hall, while the consumers only pay one third. It remains to be seen whether the City Hall will continue to keep this subsidy.