Romania: ANRM to split tenders for hydrocarbon concessions

, SEE Energy News

ANRM, ,The National Agency for Mineral Resources is considering dividing the eleventh round because legislation on offshore oil perimeters have provisions that exceed the hydrocarbon law, so it must be clarified what additional documents the auction participants must present.  ANRM is considering the split of the eleventh round of tenders for hydrocarbon concessions, so that the 22 onshore perimeters could be auctioned before six offshore perimeters, where further clarifications on the procedures are required.

Last July, ANRM published the list of 28 perimeters that are going to be awarded in concession for exploration and exploitation of oil and gas resources. These are 22 onshore and 6 offshore perimeters, with a total area of approximately 1,000 square kilometers: E XI-1 Maramureș Vest, E XI-2 Transilvania Nord Est, E XI-3 Transilvania Est, E XI-4 Transilvania Sud, E XI-5 Getica Vest, E XI-5 Getica Vest, E XI-7 Moesia 1, E XI-8 Moesia 2, E XI-9 Moesia 3, E XI-10 Moesia 4, E XI-11 Moesia 5, E XI-12 Moesia 6, E XI-13 Moesia 7, E XI-14 Moesia 8, E XI-15 Muntenia Nord Est 1, E XI-16 Muntenia Nord Est 2, E XI-17 Muntenia Nord Est 3, E XI-18 Moldova 1, E XI-19 Moldova 2, E XI-20 Moldova 3, E XI-21 Moldova 4, E XI-22 Moldova 5, E XI-23 Marea Neagra 1, E XI-24 Marea Neagra 2, E XI-25 Marea Neagra 3, E XI-26 Marea Neagra 4, E XI-27 Marea Neagra 5, E XI-28 Marea Neagra 6. The onshore perimeters are located in several regions in Romania (Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldova) and have areas between 653 and 1,098 square kilometers. The six offshore perimeters in the Black Sea have areas between 802 and 914 square kilometers. The last auction for oil and gas perimeters organized by ANRM was held in 2009-2010 and it included a total of 30 perimeters – 12 onshore and 18 offshore.