Romania: Candy Energy SNC Lavalin & China Nuclear Power engineering join efforts for Nuclearelectrica reactors 3 and 4 construction

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Candu Energy Company, part of the SNC-Lavalin Canada has concluded an agreement with China Nuclear Power Engineering Company (CNPEC) for the construction of nuclear reactors 3 and 4 of the Cernavoda nuclear power plants operated by Nuclearelectrica.

Agreement was signed Thursday in Vancouver, according to a press release of Candu Energy.

Nuclearelectrica representatives stated at the request Mediafax that involve “actual” an investor in the project will be driven by the outcome of the selection procedure.

Cooperation Agreement signed between Candu Energy China Nuclear Power Engineering Inc., strengthens interest already Chinese company to be involved in project development units 3 and 4. Effective involvement of an investor in the project will be given the outcome of the selection and subsequent project development strategy “, said in Nucleareletrica.

Nuclearelectrica has signed a letter of intent for nuclear reactors 3 and 4 of the company China General Nuclear Power Corporation.

Cernavoda plant has two nuclear reactors, equipped with Canadian Candu technology. The two reactors were put into operation in 1996 and 2007 and produce about 20% of Romania’s electricity needs.

Construction of two new reactors at a cost estimated at 6.4 billion euros.The project started in 2006 with European partners, who withdrew from the project citing including China’s involvement in the project, a situation considered by some investors “incompatible” with initial evaluations.Currently, the project has not left any private partner.