Romania: Change in rules on the balancing market

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Developments in the energy system, the experience gained in operating the balancing market and requests of market participants determined the Regulatory Authority for Energy – ANRE to revise the balancing market rules on calculation of the penalty in case of partial delivery of balancing energy tax the imbalance of notification, costs and additional income redistribution.

Amending discussion document on the balancing market rules has been published since 7 April 2015 following comments received and analysis simulations, operating ANRE amendments, are as follows:

– Amended the redistribution of the additional cost that the extra income derived from the balance of the system by assigning each balance responsible party (BRP) a share, based on the contribution of each interval imbalance dispatching system, rewarding those who helped the balance of the system;

– In order to stimulate market participants to notify real production schedule and contract properly energy has been limited application of the dispatcher. In this way, notification of a change of power that exceeds the possibilities of achieving this imbalance is penalized by both the notification and the market price equalization;

– The translation was made possible to increase power supply and the reduction of power supply entering.

– Specific penalty for non-delivery of balancing energy to consider the difference between the maximum price of the dispatcher and the price range on offer.

The analysis showed that there is a possibility that a participant whose bid price is close to the maximum range and higher than the price dispatching the deficit to record a gain unjustified.

ANRE stated that the payment of balancing energy penalty for non-delivery of contracted and its application lead to lower price and increase the price of surplus deficit in dispatching respective intervals.

The fee for the notification imbalance, applies to the quantity available notified to the dispatcher. The purpose of this tax is to empower participants in the balancing market contraction and proper notification before dispatching range of production that can be achieved and will lead to further cost reduction recorded directly in recent market balancing, reads the note from ANRE .

Authority representatives have conducted an impact analysis and simulations have been performed due to the change in the balancing market rules, with the following conclusions:

– SEN imbalances by stimulating producers UD holders comply running program;

– further reducing costs currently registered in the balancing market (in v1 in December passed from additional costs of over one million lei in additional revenue over 8 million lei respectively approx. 3 million lei in v4 and approx. 2 000 lei in v5)

– fair redistribution of costs / income to reflect the additional contribution of each PRE correct imbalance / balance system in any dispatching interval.

– Dispatcher treatment provision, similar contractual obligations assumed in other parts of the market, as the contractual obligation and full payment of the amount of energy contracted.

– The average price increase of surplus and deficit decrease in average price in the balancing market after partial delivery and penalty for Balancing energy available to the dispatcher. , transmits

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