Romania: Citizens oppose the construction of a new unit in NPP Kozloduy Bulgaria, cross border environmental impact in the question

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The Romanian citizens who live on the opposite bank of the Danube oppose the planned construction of a new unit in the nuclear power plant Kozloduy Bulgaria.

Citizens of the Romanian city Dabuleni who claim to have long been suffering from radiation of this nuclear power plant, and expressed their readiness to protest against the planned construction of a new unit, transmitted Romanian Adevarul.

Bulgaria’s sole nuclear power plant is located near the banks of the Danube, less than four kilometers from the border with Romania.

Romanian authorities expressed their view that such an investment would not be useful for the region.

Meanwhile, last week, the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment approved the Environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the planned unit in the nuclear power plant.

The Bulgarian authorities will ensure that the project would not be threat to the citizens in southern Romania.



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