Romania, Cogeneration plant on the Petromidia platform over 80 % completed

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The Kazakh-Romanian Energy Investment Fund (FIEKR) said that it has made progress in commissioning the cogeneration plant on the Petromidia platform, reaching over 80 % of the total operations, part of the project that started in May 2021.

Through Rompetrol Energy, member company of the KMG International Group responsible for managing the energy projects carried out through the Fund’s mechanisms, FIEKR managed to take new steps in completing one of the most important development projects.

The two heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) were delivered to the construction site near the refinery in Navodari, each with a technological steam production capacity of 90 tons/hour plus additional combustion capacity.

Furthermore, transformers, pumps, boiler degassers, aerators, electrical cables, underground piping systems were delivered and installed.

Also, ongoing are the modernization works of the 110 KV power station, the installation of the natural gas supply pipeline with a length of 4 km and the technological pipelines, as well as the DCS (Distributed Control System), which has the role of controlling the processes, in the first- rate conditions of safety and operational efficiency.

At the moment, the project is in the execution phase around 95 % progress on the engineering side, more than 96 % on the procurement side, and the actual construction is approaching 72 %. In total, the general progress of the project surpassed 82 %.

The project, worth over 164 million dollars, is financed by the Kazakh-Romanian Energy Investment Fund (FIEKR) and will generate, annually, about 11 million dollars, through taxes paid to the state budget.

The investment is a brownfield type and will integrate the assets transferred from Midia Green Energy, as well as its staff, for the operation of the new plant’s equipment.

In total, the new power plant will generate approximately 80 MW of electricity, of which approximately 60-70 MW for the full coverage of the electricity needs of the Petromidia platform and technological steam of up to 180 tons/hour, corresponding to the maximum consumption needs of the platform.

In August 2020, FIEKR signed with Turkish Calik Enerji the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the turnkey construction of the cogeneration plant, as well as the long-term service agreement (LTSA) contract with Siemens Energy, for the maintenance of gas turbines.

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