Romania: Combined heat and power solution installed at CET Arad

, SEE Energy News

Combined heat and power (CHP) solution was installed at CET Arad power plant in western Romania by Aggreko. Aggreko is a leading supplier of electricity generation equipment and temperature control equipment.

The solution will help increase efficiency and stability at the plant, a key provider of hot water and electricity for the district heating services for the city of Arad, in the next four years. Total installed capacity amounts to 43 MW: 21 MW in gas-fired generation, with a further 20 MW of thermal energy derived from the plant’s operations, supported by an additional 2 MW battery capacity. According to Aggreko, the system has the potential to cut carbon emissions by up to 45 % by capturing and using the plant’s exhaust gases to generate further thermal energy. The power plant at CET Arad, has been commissioned in the 1970s and with a fall in demand for thermal energy, it now primarily provides electricity for the ancillary services market.