Romania: Competition between electricity traders for market share

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In recent years, the same companies remain among key electricity suppliers in the competitive market. Electrica, Tinmar-Ind and Alro all changed the first three places between them, competition is still fierce.

If in 2013, the Company which held first place in the top row was Tinmar, in 2014 Tinmar came to be in the lead, closely followed by Electrica, according to data of the National Energy Regulatory Authority – ANRE.

A surprise is Arelco Power, which according to the latest report of ANRE, conducted in January 2015 on 3rd place, but also followed by Alro, appearing with a market share decreasing by 3.27% compared with 11, 38% market share in January 2014.

Alro ended 2014 with a market share of 6.89%, ranking in the top three energy suppliers in the competitive market, while in 2013, Alro Slatina was first in the ranking with a market share of 12 07%.

Tinmar and Electrica lead a tight battle for first place in market. According to ANRE’s annual report on 2014, Tinmar holds supremacy in the rankings with a market share of 12.57% and Electrica – 11.7%.

In January 2015 the two companies were castling: Electrica presently with a share of 14.59%, while Tinmar holding 10.84% ​​.

Other companies ranked with market share between 5.98% and 3.24%, in 2014 were: E.ON Energy, Repower Supply, Sale CEZ, Enel Energie, Arelco Power (with a share of 4.39%), OMV Petrom, Electromagnetica and EFT Delivery.

After the first month of 2015 when Arelco Power climbed to No. 3 with a share of 6.62% following places with share between 6.13% and 3.06% were occupied by E.ON Energie, Enel Strategy, CEZ Sale, Supply REpower, OMV Petrom, Transenergo Com, Alro, Oltenia Energy Complex. Private providers who have held the first consecutive years in the top level were – Energy Holding, Axpo and Alpiq Energy Romania – now have market shares below 3%.