Romania: Conflict between energy giants, Hidroelectrica sues companies Transelectrica and CEZ

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Hidroelectrica will file a complaint against transmission system operator Transelectrica and distribution company CEZ, because they tried to switch the part of responsibility to it for electricity supply outage on Wednesday, 01 June.

On that day, the customers from the areas of Vâlcea and Argeș were left without electricity, including the large industry cities Râmnicu Vâlcea, Curtea de Argeș and Câmpulung Musce.

The attempt to switch the part of responsibility for the network incident to Hidroelectrica is bias and harmful, and the company will sue the transmission system operator and distribution operator for causing material and moral damages, says the notice published by Hidroelectrica on Friday.

Hidroelectrica states that the planned capacity for 01 June for hydro power plant Olt Mijlociu was 380 MW, far below the nominal capacity for transfer of 450 MW allocated to the company. Besides, Transelectrica was informed about this regime for 01 June on the previous day 31 May.

Therefore, transmission of electricity generated in Hidroelectrica was 70 MW below nominal transfer capacity, which could not have caused network imbalance, said the representative of the company.

Hidroelectrica claims it is not responsible for this and that it reacted in a timely manner in the attempt to compensate for the network imbalance.

Gradually, over the period of about six minutes, dams of hydro power plants Lotru-Ciunget (510 MW), Râul Mare Retezat (220 MW), Gâlceag (70 MW), Șugag (70 MW) were opened, avoiding the overall blackout, similar to the one that took place in 1977 that could have created several billion euros worth of damage in Romania, says the representative of Hidroelectrica.

The problem in the national energy system left almost entire area of Vâlcea without electricity. Supply was interrupted for almost 150,000 households and industrial customers in the area.

The representatives of CEZ Romania say that the incident took place at around 4 p.m. on high voltage network that supplies the areas of Vâlcea and Argeș. The largest problems occurred in the area of Vâlcea, and smaller in Argeș, transmits

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