Romania, Country is not planning to close any of its coal-fired thermal power plants at the moment

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Romanian Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu said that the country is not planning to close any of its coal-fired thermal power plants at the moment.

Minister Popescu said that. on the contrary, Romania is investing in modernization and preparing for the future, which is why the Government’s Emergency Ordinance 108/2022, regarding the decarbonization of the energy sector, was adopted.

The legislation establishes measures to mitigate the social consequences of the closure and conservation of lignite and coal-based electricity production capacities and related mines, establishing the sources of funding for state aid measures, as well as measures for the coordination and the implementation of the decarbonization process.

Two coal-fired units at Turceni and Rovinari power plants operated by Energy Complex (EC) Oltenia with total installed capacity of 660 MW will not be closed down at the end of 2022 as planned but may be kept as technical reserve for the period 2023-2026 if decided so by Transelectrica.

The two units in question were supposed to be closed down at the end of this year under the national implementation plan of the Resilience Facility (PNRR). Other coal-fired units of TPP Turceni and TPP Rovinari will be kept as a technical reserve during 2023-2030 under the same ordinance.

Other coal-fired power plants within EC Oltenia, scheduled for closure by 2032, can also be kept as technical reserves upon decisions made by Transelectrica by 2025 and 2032. Coal-fired units totaling up to 1,450 MW will be closed or placed as strategic reserve by the end of 2025, and other units up to 1,140 MW by the end of 2032.