Romania: Delgaz Grid launched 90 million euros worth projects

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Currently, Romanian natural gas and electricity distributor Delgaz Grid, a subsidiary of German company E.ON, has five more projects under work, worth approximately 53 million euros, aimed at digitalizing and automating the distribution network. More precisely, these projects aim at the modernization of grid networks and intelligent metering for customers in Bacau, Neamt and Suceava counties, as well as the modernization and integration in SCADA of some transformation stations in Suceava and Botosani counties in order to take over the electricity production from renewable sources.

Since 2012, the company has attracted, non-reimbursable financing for projects worth over 37 million euros, five of which were successfully completed, while another four are in various stages of implementation.

General Manager of Delgaz Grid Csulak Ferenc said that modernizing the distribution infrastructure, especially through automation and digitalization, is a priority of Delgaz Grid and accessing European funds is a great opportunity to supplement our own investment funds, for the benefit of our customers. Currently, four projects are in different stages of implementation, with a total value of 21 million euros, of which the non-reimbursable financing from the European Union and the Government of Romania is of about 12 million euros.

In Iasi, works are being carried out for intelligent metering for over 10,000 customers, the value of the project being of around 11 million euros. Another project, worth about 6.4 million euros, aims to modernize and integrate into SCADA five transformation stations (Husi, Stanilesti, Vetrisoaia, Fslciu and Murgeni) in Vaslui County. A similar project, worth over 3.3 million euros, targets the Harlau, Pascani and Gorban transformation stations in Iasi County.

Delgaz Grid diversifies its project portfolio by participating in a European consortium, which received funding from the Horizon 2020 program, with the main objective of improving the cyber security of the smart electricity distribution network at EU level. This collaborative project aims to detect security and privacy incidents and attacks, ensuring continuity and minimizing cascading effects in the smart distribution network.

The five completed projects so far have a total value of 16 million euros, of which 6 million euros are non-reimbursable funds from the European Union and the Romanian Government.