Romania: Domnesti substation will create economic growth

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The consolidation of the electricity transmission network around the capital Bucharest creates a favorable environment to the economic development of its metropolitan area, said Secretary General of the Romanian Government Antonel Tanase during the visit to the construction site of Domnesti substation.

The investment in the reconstruction of the 400/110/20 kV Domnesti substation amounts to about 25 million euros, provided by the electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica. The project itself is in an advanced stage of realization.

Transelectrica CEO Catalin Nitu said that the investment in Domnesti substation is a very complex one and involves the refurbishment at all voltage levels, which will result in bringing the station to a level of safety and reliability corresponding to the importance of the area served. Last summer, the 400 kV GIS (Gas-Insulated Switchgear) station was put into operation, and in this stage tests are performed for the 110 kV GIS station, the 250 MVA power transformer, 400/110 kV, the compensation coil, the transformer T4 40 MVA, 110/20 kV and to the related internal service and command-control-protection installations. The contractor’s teams are already working on connecting the 110 kV lines. Nitu estimates that the project is around 80 % completed, with projected completion deadline in the first half of 2021.