Romania: E.ON and Samus TEC signed solar power plant construction deal

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E.ON Energie Romania and construction material producer Samus TEC Dej have signed a strategic partnership worth about one million euros that entails the construction of rooftop solar power plant.

E.ON will build a photovoltaic plant with an installed capacity of 1,108 kW that will produce about 1,250 MWh of electricity per year. Thus, Samus TEC, one of the main players on the Romanian construction market, can provide annually between 8 and 10 % of its electricity needs.

E.ON will install 3,360 photovoltaic modules on the roof of a hall in Dej on an area of approximately 10,000 square meters. The benefits of the project are not limited to the amount of electricity produced from solar energy and taken over for self-consumption, which also means protecting the environment by reducing pollution. Annually, the Dej company will reduce CO2 emissions by over 394 tons.

Since 2018, E.ON has developed over 120 solar energy production projects for customers in various sectors of the economy. About 25,000 photovoltaic panels have already been installed for 58 companies in the best performing industries. With the completion of the projects currently under development, the total production of photovoltaic energy will reach 30,000 MWh per year, and CO2 emissions will be reduced by 8,800 tons per year.




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