Romania: E.ON Energie Romania commissioned solar power plant for Agricola

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E.ON Energie Romania, local subsidiary of German energy company E.ON, said that it has commissioned a 351.75 kW solar power plant for poultry producer Agricola International Bacau.

The statement from the company said that the project’s cost was over 320,000 euros and the plant is expected to generate 470.36 MWh of electricity per year. It consists of 1,050 solar panels mounted on the ground at Agricola’s 4 Lilieci farm. It will meet around 25% of the farm’s annual energy needs and will help cut CO2 emissions by 134 tons per year.

Last week, E.ON Energie Romania said that it has agreed to build a solar power plant with installed capacity of 764 kW for local wine maker Cramele Recas. The project’s cost is around 430,000 euros. The solar plant will consist of 1,680 photovoltaic panels mounted on the rooftop of Recas wine production halls in Timis county and will meet around 20 % of its annual energy needs. The plants estimated annual electricity generation is 888 MWh and it will also help cut CO2 emissions by 260 tons per year. E.ON plans to complete the plant by the end of August.

Starting with 2018, E.ON has built and delivered turnkey 55 solar power plants with capacities between 60 and 1,600 kW, totaling 13 MW of in-stalled capacity for 41 companies from various sectors of the economy. About 40,000 solar panels have been installed, which generate a total of 17 GWh of electricity per year and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by 3,900 tons per year.