Romania: E.ON installed 100 public and private charging points for e-vehicles

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E.ON Energie Romania, has installed 100 public and private charging points for electric cars in Romania through the E.ON Drive project. Most charging points are in Bucharest and in the Moldova region, where E.ON also operates electricity distribution network. The E.ON electromobility solution serves both individuals and business customers – mainly companies operating in HoReCa, real estate, and industry.

However, the data regarding the electricity delivered through the network shows that the market is developing slowly. This year the number of charging sessions through the E.ON Drive application exceeded 2,200, approximately 33.3 MWh of electricity being used through E.ON’s charging points.

According to the calculations compiled by E.ON Energie Romania, this amount of energy would cover more than 180,000 kilometers and simultaneously reduce CO2 emissions by about 25 tons.