Romania: E.ON merges two DSO companies to increase market share

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According to press release E.ON Romania, completed the merger of two distribution companies in the first integrated gas and electricity distribution company on the Romanian market.

The company started its operation on January 1, and operates with over 20,000 kilometers of natural gas distribution network and more than 80,000 kilometers of electricity distribution network for around three million customers.
Merger of two distribution companies marks the completion of the project of harmonization of activities that started in 2009 and compliance with good practices in the E.ON group. The project involves the merger of E.ON Moldova Distribution of E.ON Gaz Distributie. This process is directed at strengthening of the long-term efficiency, which is the result of optimization of common costs.

“The process that has been achieved amidst the liberalization of the energy market, will further enable improvement of internal affairs, as well as the ability to increase the quality of services offered in the market,” said Director of E.ON Romania Frank Hajdinjak.

The merger leads to a number of advantages for the customers of the company, like the possibility of creating a unique interface that will manage the exclusion and new connections to the system, as well as services related to the market distribution, it was highlighted in the statement.

E.ON Dsitribucija Romania will continue to invest significant amounts in the improvement and expansion of its network, with main goal to ensure the safety and security of gas and electricity consumers. Since coming in Romania, E.ON has invested more than 1.2 billion Euros, paying similar amount to the state in the form of taxes and different contributions.

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