Romania: E.ON Romania transfers gas installation company to Adrem Invest

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Competition Council issued a decision of non-objection to companies E.ON Romania and Adrem Invest on the acquisition of joint control over the company E.ON Installations Interiors, owned by German group E.ON.

This decision is issued on economic concentration on what is to be achieved through the acquisition of joint control by E.ON Romania and Adrem Invest on interior installations, observing that although the notified operation falls within the scope of competition law, there is serious doubt regarding compatibility with a normal competitive environment, “according to the decision of the Competition Council.

E.ON interior installations will have as main activity revisions and periodic technical inspections of gas installations.

E.ON Romania announced signed partnership with Adrem Invest to create a joint venture in the revisions, checking gas installations and gas meter reading.

E.ON Romania is part of German utility E.ON and is active in natural gas and electricity sectors.

Adrem Invest, member of the Adrem controlled Romanian businessmen, specializes in industrial engineering. Adrem Invest is involved in the production of electricity.

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