Romania: EC Oltenia purchased all necessary CO2 certificates

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Energy Complex Oltenia has purchased all CO2 certificates for last year’s electricity production, company announced.

Purchases of CO2 certificates were made on the EEX Primary Market, the EEX Spot Secondary Market and the Romanian Commodity Exchange.

For the purchase of certificates related to the year 2022, more than 500 million euros were provided from the company’s own funds.

EC Oltenia will receive from the state budget, as a non-refundable loan, another 92 million euros for the purchase of CO2 certificates for this year.

The price of CO2 recorded an increase from 4-5 euros in 2017, up to over 96 euros in 2023.

Last year, according to Transelectrica data, the total production from lignite-fired power plants in Romania, which are mostly operated by EC Oltenia, was 8.8 TWh, out of the total net production of 52.7 TWh.

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