Romania: EC Oltenia to gradually enter into technical unemployment due to reduction in demand

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Due to the significant reduction of electricity demand in the country and, implicitly, the company’s revenues, state-owned electricity producer Energy Complex (EC) Oltenia will gradually send some 13,000 employees into technical unemployment from 13 April until 7 June.

According to the statement from the company, in order to reduce the close contact between the employees of the company, and prevent and limit the occurrence of cases of infection with COVID-19, the Decree of the President of Romania imposed restrictive measures regarding the activities of the economic operators. As a result of this measure, part of the economic activity of the country has been significantly reduced with direct consequences on electricity consumption at national level.

In this context, EC Oltenia registered a significant reduction of sales of electricity, which will be growing in the coming months. In order to avoid serious damage with long-term effects on employees, it is necessary to regulate measures to temporarily reduce the activity, without ceasing employment relationships.

In this respect, a minimum staffing scheme has been established for each organizational entity that can ensure the safe operation of the company and the temporary reduction of the company’s activity during the period between 13 April 13 and 7 June, which will have as effect a minimum number of 17 working days in technical unemployment per employee, in a single stage or in no more than two stages.

Between 13 April and 10 May, a total of 6,532 employees out of a total of 12,860 will enter technical unemployment, following that the rest of the employees enter into technical unemployment between 11 May and June 7.