Romania: Effects of new regional energy exchange on producers and market actors in Romanian power market

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The establishment of regional energy exchange by Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia assumed that the four countries have a single price of electricity traded on spot markets. Romania may benefit from two years of low rates for electricity in the region, there is a risk of higher electricity price after regional trading of available quantities of the four states.

Niculae Havrileţ President of ANRE (energy market regulator) explained that ANRE estimates that after the establishment of regional stock exchange, the price of electricity in Romania may fluctuate by +/- 4% compared to an average daily trading of our market. So ANRE forecast a rise significantly.

Operational constitution of regional energy market is on schedule. The regional stock exchange will become functional from November 11, 2014, according to management of OPCOM, which hosted together with Transelectrica and ANRE Department of Energy, the first training seminar of Romanian energy market operators to new trading mechanism.