Romania: Electricity delivery contract for 2023 signed

, SEE Energy News

On the bilateral contracts segment of the Romanian energy exchange OPCOM, the first contract for the delivery of electricity in 2023 was signed.

Hidroelectrica, the largest electricity producer in the country, put on sale a baseload package of 5 MW/h, with delivery between 1 January and 31 January 2023, namely a total of 43,800 MWh at a price of 56.4 euros/MWh. Nova Power and Gas, an electricity supplier from Cluj, which has recently been in focus for having good supply offers for residential consumers, has won the package put up for sale by Hidroelectrica with delivery date of just over two years, the closing price being 56.42 euros/MWh.

This cannot be a clear indicator of how the electricity market will look like in two years, even if it is the price demanded by the largest producer in the country, but it is possible that other producers will also start to offer quantities with delivery in 2023, having this price as a benchmark.

The price is slightly higher than the average at which electricity transactions were concluded with delivery in this year and in 2022. For electricity with delivery in 2021, the average price is 50.5 euros/MWh and for 2022 – 54.1 euros/MWh.