Romania: Electricity price at OPCOM reached historical high

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The prices on day-ahead market (DAM) of Romanian energy exchange OPCOM rose to 158 euros/MWh on Wednesday, which is an all-time high.

The price in Romania was three times higher than in Hungary or in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where the prices were much lower. Currently, Romania has major output problems due to its insufficient coal and hydro electricity production, and one of the two units of its sole nuclear power plant Cernavoda was shut down on Wednesday for technical issues.

On Thursday morning, Romania was producing 4,494 MW of electricity and was consuming 5,780 MW, relying on imports to cover its needs.

Romania’s net electricity production in the first six months stood at 29.4 TWh, while national electricity consumption reched 28.8 TWh. Romania continued to be a net exporter in the first half of 2019, with 0.44 TWh. However, Romania was electricity exporter only in January 2019, while in the other months the situation was reversed.

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