Romania: Elsaco Energy eyes significant market share in balancing market

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In order to reduce the number of agents that interact with Transelectrica and to optimize the energy costs required for balancing, there is a total of 114 license holders in the market with the quality of balance responsible party. Among them, only 25 are responsible for more than a license holder active in the national power system . If we take into account the attracted members, only around ten balance responsible parties have a relevant number.

The balancing market is a necessity, but also an opportunity for electricity producers, suppliers or users. The central part of this market is represented by the so-called Balance Responsible Parties (BRP), interface companies between any of the licensed players of the market and Transelectrica, operator of the national transmission network.

Currently, there are 3-4 BRP of large size that concentrate around 30-50% of Romania’s consumption and production. Elsaco Energy and the sister company, Elsaco ESCO, entered this market less than a year ago. Now it ranks the fifth in terms of member number (22). “The number is not an important criterion”, Dan Apetrei, CEO and shareholder of Elsaco Energy, says. “The volumes of electricity intermediated are not really relevant either”, he added, with further explanations. “From the perspective of beneficiaries, savings they make by participating to BRP matter”.

“Our clients are, mainly, energy suppliers and producers”, Dan Apetrei explains. Some come with excess of committed quantities (more than they really consumer or less than they produce), others with deficit (the requested volumes are lower than those necessary in reality for consumption or higher in production). Hour after hour, on average, at a BRP level, differences are offset, which reduces the costs of each of BRP members, which remain with lower electricity amounts to purchase additionally (at high prices), respectively lower volumes committed in excess and not used (unjustified expenses).

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