Romania: Energy authority grants licenses for new wind and cogen plants

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Regulatory Committee of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) approved licensing of two new wind projects and a high-efficiency cogeneration plants.Four photovoltaic and wind farm projects have been accredited to benefit from the green certificate promotion.

Projects producing renewable energy reached a total capacity of 4,582 MW at the end of February 2014, with 170 MW in addition to the end of January, according to Transelectrica.

The system existed wind power projects 2,792 MW solar parks with a total capacity of 1,149 MW, 542 MW small hydro and biomass projects with a cumulative capacity of 99 MW.

On January 31, 2014, the system was installed generation capacity of 4412 MW of renewable energy.
Renewable energy producers receive subsidies in the form of green certificates, which are levied on all consumers, including the household, and are highlighted separately in monthly electricity bill.

Romania has assumed that 24% of gross final energy consumption in 2020 to come from renewable sources, but ANRE announced that this target has already been reached on 1 January 2014. Thus, in 2014, the share of compulsory acquisition green energy remained at 11.1%, as it was in 2013, compared to 15%, as it should be this year.
To mitigate increasing bills, the Government decided on July 1, 2013, to defer the period 2017-2020 grant a number of green certificates.

According to GEO 57/2013, photovoltaic projects receive green certificates per MWh four versus six certificates as it was before 1 July 2013. Projects benefiting only a certified wind two and two certificates of three small hydropower.

In addition, new projects entering the system after January 1, 2014 receive fewer subsidies from the start. According to the Government Decision 994/2013 of December 2013, November photovoltaic parks receive only half of the grants so far, and three certificates of six.

In the case of wind farms, the number of certificates is reduced to 0.5 in 2017 and 0.25 from 2018. Accordingly, new investors will receive only 1.5 certified green by 2017 and 1.75 certified since 2018.
Also, small hydropower also receive 0.7% less green certificates per MWh, ie only 2.3 certified for new plants.