Romania: Energy regulator fines energy companies Romgaz, Oltenia, Axpo & OPCOM Exchange

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Penalties for Romgaz, CE Oltenia, Axpo Energy Romania and OPCOM, were contested in court. All judgments rendered in 2014th were favorable by energu regulator ANRE, according to representatives of the institutions.

Participants’ activity in the electricity market, transmission system operator Transelectrica and electricity exchange OPCOM is continuously monitored by the national regulatory agency ANRE.

An audit of the business market in the period 2010 – 2014th, is coming to an end, in cooperation with the inspectors of ANRE.

During 2014th, it was revealed a number of irregularities in the electricity market, presents the annual report of ANRE. After checking, ANRE has forwarded a report to the Council for Protection of Competition, because the elements that indicate the existence of an arrangement of individual producers and suppliers of electricity from renewable sources. Another suspect was related to the potentially discriminatory behavior of thermal manufacturers during the tendering process, which caused distorted price signals.

ANRE has sent 42 notes regarding the violation of the Regulation on organized electricity trade through bilateral agreements, if the parties in PCCB who have submitted or responded to the offer by the minimum selling price or the maximum price, which in terms of the characteristics (quantity, price, delivery time) is not firmly defined at the time of their introduction to the market. The characteristics variability has led to a deterioration of market signals, pricing information, and the amount cannot be objected as a reference profile. What’s more, it has not been honored the character of tender transparency.

ANRE also found that incomplete data provided by daily reports Transelectrica, were in accordance with the methodology for monitoring the wholesale market, and that were submitted incomplete information in the weekly monitoring reports on the results of operations platform Damas, in the period September 2012 – November 2013th.

ANRE has analyzed the legal and regulatory provisions relating to export transactions, highlighting the effects of linking day-ahead market in the allocation of interconnection capacities on the border with Hungary.

It also conducted a gap analysis reports between OPCOM and FUI in terms of quantities sold or purchased through the DAM transactions in certain time periods.

In 2014th, was driven by the more than 400 cases, of which 139 were completed in the favor of ANRE. Business entities in the sector of electricity and gas, Hidroelectrica, Nuclearelectrica, Radet, Electric Supply, OMV Petrom, GDF, E.ON Energija, Trasgaz, renewable energy producers, they found in front of the court in accordance with the orders and decisions of ANRE.

ANRE has sanctioned OPCOM and participants of the centralized market for bilateral contracts – Energy Complex Oltenia and Axpo Energy – for acceptance of an offer for the sale / purchase of electricity, which is not in accordance with the law. Market sources say that OPCOM paid several fines, one of which concerned the proportion of turnover.

EC Oltenia got five penalties and other market operators, including Axpo, were fined with a total sum in the amount of 9,000 EUR. The company Romgaz was fined for failing to legally separate the activity of gas storage.

Representatives of the institutions claim that ANRE favored the prosecution of all offenses during 2014th.

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