Romania: Energy regulator prescribes domestically produced gas for retail market

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According to a decision by the Romanian National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), in the next nine months households will exclusively consume domestically produced natural gas. The reason for this decision is the safety of supply.

Last week, the Ministry of Energy temporarily suspended the scheduled liberalization of gas prices and froze the price of domestically produced natural gas at 13.2 euros/MWh in the next nine months. Minister Victor Grigorescu explained that the necessary measures were taken in order to ensure that in the next winter Romania has enough stored gas and to avoid the traditional debate whether the stored amount of gas is enough for the winter season.

However, the price of natural gas stored in gas storages in Romania, which will account for about 32 % of households consumption in the next period, amounts to around 18 euros/MWh. Since the price of imported natural gas is currently 15.5 euros/MWh, the decision on natural gas supply was made in order to prevent the households from buying cheaper imported gas instead of using stored domestically produced gas at higher prices, transmits