Romania exports 1,100 MW to Moldova on Tuesday

, SEE Energy News

On Tuesday, Romania exported large amounts of electricity to Moldova, in emergency mode, according to Transelectrica data.

Around midday on Tuesday, on the Isaccea-Vulcanesti interconnection line, between Romania and Moldova, electricity was being transmitted with a capacity of 1,100 MW, which should, in theory, fully cover Moldova’s consumption.

Romania also exports electricity to the Ukrainian grid (thanks to imports from Bulgaria), so it was a net exporter. In addition to production from classic sources – hydroelectric power plants produced over 2,000 MW, coal-fired thermal power plants over 1,200 MW, gas power plants 1,600 MW and both nuclear reactors at full capacity, a significant contribution of wind energy was also recorded, which ranged from 1,200 MW to over 1,600 MW.

On Tuesday, Moldova covered only a quarter of its electricity consumption from domestic sources and failed to sign contracts to cover the difference in consumption.

Energokom, the Moldovan state supplier in charge of electricity procurement, yesterday failed to buy the necessary quantities, because the price on the spot market in Bucharest increased enormously, to over 360 euros per MWh. The predicted deficit was about 74%.

Transmission operator Moldelektrik covered the expected shortfall with a contract for the emergency supply of electricity from neighboring Romania, at an undisclosed price.

Prices on European stock exchanges, including the Romanian one, rose by 30-40%. On Monday, Energokom offered a lower price on the OPCOM stock exchange and failed to contract electricity for the whole day on Tuesday.