Romania: Extraction of gas from underground storages

, SEE Energy News

The total extraction capacity from the Romanian storages is 315 GWh of gas per day, and, in this calendar year, the most was extracted on 7 January – 269 GWh.

As of 1 October, with the start of the new gas year, first volumes of gas were extracted from the underground gas storages in Romania.

However, the extracted volumes are quite small, well below the maximum extraction capacity and far below what is extracted on an average winter day. The extraction started on 1 October at a level of 26 GWh of gas, but in the following days the volumes decreased: 8.5 GWh the next day, 6.5 GWh on 3 October and 7.5 GWh on 4 October.

However, despite the start of gas extraction from storages, it is still pumped into storages as well. According to Transgaz data, on 6 October, 99 GWh of gas were introduced in gas storage facilities.

According to the latest data, there is 30.68 TWh of natural gas stored Romanian facilities, majority of which are operated by Depogaz, a subsidiary of Romgaz, representing 93 % of the total capacity.