Romania: Gas leakage detection system the next big investment for Delgaz Grid

, SEE Energy News

The next important investment for Delgaz Grid is investment in gas leakage detection system. Delgaz Grid, Romanian natural gas and electricity distributor, is a subsidiary of German company E.ON. The company continues to invest in modern gas leakage detection technology, with the completion of the acquisition process for 8 auto laboratories equipped with laser technology, the value of this investment being of about 400,000 euros.

Another 600,000 euros are to be invested, by the end of this year, for the purchase of 280 state-of-the-art portable detection devices, which will equip the specialized teams, covering the 20 counties in the area of responsibility of company.

The 8 detection vehicles complete the company’s fleet, which thus consists 13 high-performance auto laboratories, which allow the detection of gas leaks that may occur in natural gas distribution networks, which have a total length of over 22,600 kilometers.

The auto laboratories have the most modern technology for analyzing gas leaks, through laser spectroscopy. The data provided by this equipment is processed by a digital application installed on the vehicle’s laptop. Through the application, at the end of the day a complete report is obtained containing the route on which the auto laboratory traveled, as well as the exact marking of all natural gas leaks, identified by GPS coordinates. Based on this information, the maintenance activity of the distribution system is planned, with a decisive role in ensuring the security in the natural gas supply of the over 3 million customers. Also this year, the company will purchase 280 modern detection devices, 70 of which are equipped with laser technology. In addition, in order to increase operational safety, Delgaz Grid aims to invest, by the end of this year, 43 million euros in natural gas distribution, the main objective being the modernization of over 350 kilometers of natural gas pipelines and connections.