Romania: Geothermal energy for district heating

, SEE Energy News

Romania’s municipality of Oradea is seeking for a contractor to design and build a system that would better use the city’s geothermal potential, particularly the already existing well in the western part of the city, including its possible enlargement.

The project aims to use local geothermal renewable energy resources for supplying heating and hot water through more intensive exploitation of thermal energy production capacity in the central heating system SACET Oradea from deep drilling wells.

The tender documentation reads that the object of the project is to present the development alternative of the geothermal water exploitation in the Oradea geothermal perimeter to replace on a larger scale the production of conventional thermal energy, obtained by burning fossil fuels, with the production of geothermal energy, obtained by extracting as high flows of geothermal water as possible, heated by the terrestrial thermal flow and injecting the thermal wastewater into the collector.