Romania: Hidroelectrica contracted Romelectro&Litostroj Slovenia for a HPP Stejaru ugrade

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Romanian HPP company Hidroelectrica contracted Romelectro and Slovenia Litostroj for an upgrade of outdated Stejaru HPP.

Romanian state-run hydro power producer,Hidroelectrica, said on Wednesday it awarded a 75 million euro deal for the upgrade of one of its units, Stejaru, to a consortium of local company Romelectro and Slovenia’s Litostroj Power.

Several other local and foreign companies will act as subcontractors, including Hidroserv SA, Energomontaj SA, Electroservice RB SRL and the Czech Republic’s Blansko Engineering,among others, Hidroelectrica said in a statement.

The 7-year contract, whose value is net of value added tax, was signed on May 8. The price offer of the winning consortium was 32% lower than the project’s estimated value in 2011, the company added.

The Stejaruhydro power planthas an installed capacity of 210 MW and feeds into the national grid an average of 435 gigawatt hours per year. The unit was put into operation55years ago and has long exceeded its lifespan of 30years.