Romania, Hidroelectrica launched a revitalization program for HPP Đerdap 2

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The largest producer of electricity in Romania, the state-owned company Hidroelectrica, approved the start of new investment projects for the revitalization of hydropower plants with a total value of over 943 million leva (191 million euros) without VAT, i.e. 1.12 billion leva (263 million euros) including tax, the company document states.

Hidroelectrica’s biggest investment is the overhaul of the Raul Mare Retezat hydroelectric plant, with an installed capacity of 335 MW. The value of the investment is estimated at 917 million leva (about 186 million euros) including VAT.

The value of the rehabilitation, assembly and commissioning project of hydrounit 1 and auxiliary facilities of hydroelectric power plant Đerdap 2, with a power of 32.5 MW, is estimated at 143.5 million leva (29 million euros) including VAT.

Hidroelectrica has also received the green light for the modernization of hydrounit 2 HPP Slatina, with an installed capacity of 13 MW, estimated value of 62.5 million leva (12.6 million euros) including VAT.

Hidroelectrica previously announced that it intends to launch a tender for the fifth time in the spring of this year for the award of a turnkey contract for the revitalization of the Vidraru hydropower facility, with an installed capacity of 220 MW, one of the most important facilities for the production of electricity in Romania.

The previous four tenders for the award of contracts, which were organized since 2016, were not successful, mainly due to the non-compliance of the submitted offers with the technical requirements.

Hidroelectrica estimates that the total value of the contract will be over 175 million euros, including VAT. At the last tender, announced in 2020 and canceled at the beginning of 2022, the contract was valued at around 87 million euros, plus VAT.