Romania: Hidroelectrica plans overhaul of its biggest asset HPP Vidraru 220MW

, SEE Energy News

Romanian electricity producer Hidroelectrica announced that it will performed the revitalization of one of the largest hydropower plants in Romania – HPP Vidraru for the first time in its operational life.

HPP Vidraru was commissioned in 1964 and has installed capacity of 220 MW. The revitalization project envisages the modernization of the turbines and refurbishment and strengthening of the dam. The project will last for four and a half years, it will cost 82 million euros and the contractor will be selected through a public tender.

Hidroelectrica also plans to commission new 12 MW HPP Bretea in June this year, following the investment of 50 million euros. The company also plans to put 35 MW HPP Rastolnita in operation this year, but the plant still needs Governmental decision on the expropriation corridor. The construction of HPP Rastolnita cost about 200 million euros, transmits