Romania, Hidroelectrica plans to build 300 MW solar power plant

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Romanian electricity producer Hidroelectrica said that it is seeking for a consultant who will develop a feasibility study for a project for the construction of 300 MW solar power plant and a green hydrogen production plant on the Olt river.

The solar power plant will be located in the former basin of the Fagaras-Hoghiz reservoir lake and the electricity produced will be used primarily to power the green hydrogen plant, which will be built in the second stage of the investment Hidroelectrica also aims to produce green hydrogen with a 100 MW hydrolyzer which will use water from the Olt river.

The cost of the feasibility study is around 2.5 million euros and the deadline for submitting offers is 12 July.

In December, Hidroelectrica announced that it is seeking consultants to draft a feasibility study for the construction of a 50 MW green hydrogen production plant near the Iron Gates gorge on the Danube.

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