Romania: Hidroelectrica prepares for stock exchange listing

, SEE Energy News

Preparations of Hidroelectrica for listing on the stock exchange have already begun, which could happen six months after getting the company out of bankruptcy, most likely in the fall of 2016th or early 2017th, said Karoly Borbely, director of strategy and corporate affairs.

He added that Hidroelectrica managed to reduce the cost of electricity production from 39.7 to 24.1 EUR per megawatt-hour.

The company had good results in 2014th, achieving a profit of 1.2 billion EUR and a turnover of 3.2 billion EUR. However, the 2015th will bring lower profits, with the production, which according to estimates will amount to 16 TWh, which is 2 TWh less than in the previous year. , transmits

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