Romania, Hidroelectrica to deliver electricity to Moldova in December

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Romanian hydro-based electricity producer Hidroelectrica has agreed with Moldovan state- owned energy trader Energocom to supply electricity to a neighboring country in the amount of 100 MW in the first eleven days of December, followed by a supply of 20 MW for the rest of the month.

The statement from Energocom said that the volume of electricity purchased under bilateral contracts from Romanian suppliers, including OMV Petrom, EC Oltenia and CET Craiova, will reach 5,000 MWh on working days and 5,800 MWh during the weekend. Moldova needs some 13,000 MWh of electricity per day and currently can cover only 20 % of this amount from its own resources.

Energocom purchased electricity on a daily basis from Romania’s day-ahead market, and on some days, part of the demand remains not covered by commercial contracts being supplied under a special emergency agreement by Romania, at a high price, though. On some days, the deficit covered under the agreement may rise up to 75 % of the national consumption.

Moldova lost its electricity supply in November, when Ukraine became unable to provide electricity as its energy system was damaged by Russian attacks, and the separatist region Transnistria refused to continue supplying electricity from the country’s largest gas-fired power plant, citing insufficient gas deliveries from Gazprom.