Romania: Hidroelectrica’s unsuccessful sale of electricity at OPCOM

, SEE Energy News

The auction for sale of electricity packages was cancelled because there were no interested byuers.

Romanian hydro-based electricity producer Hidroelectrica offered for sale ten packages of electricity at an auction held on the centralized market for bilateral contracts at OPCOM for April 2020 delivery. The packages amounted to 10 MW/h each, with total volume of 72 GWh, at the price of 37.24 euros/MWh.
According to OPCOM data, the average price of transactions concluded on trading platforms with delivery in April 2020 was 52.14 euros/MWh, with volumes reaching 3.68 TWh. However, prices in the spot market are falling. In the period between 24 February and 1 March, the price on the spot market was 36.21 euros/MWh, which is 10 % less compared to a week before.