Romania: Import of large electricity volumes

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On 21 October at 9:50, the national electricity consumption was of 7,785 MW, the production reached 6,316 MW, and the difference of 1,468 MW representing imports. Romania imported about 1,500 MW of electricity in the morning of 21 October, being at the same time the most expensive energy market in the region.

The main source of energy production was hydropower with 38 %, followed by nuclear with 22 %, coal (18 %), natural gas (9 %), wind (6 %), solar (5 %) and biomass with 1 %. On Wednesday 21.10., Romania was the most expensive energy market in the region, with a price of 41.88 euros/MWh on the OPCOM day-ahead market. For comparison, Hungarian HUPX day-ahead price reached 40.68 euros/MWh and in Slovakia and the Czech Republic it was 37.49 euros/MWh.