Romania: In April, 90% of electricity contracted via OPCOM

, SEE Energy News

Power exchange OPCOM has announced that, during April, the transactions on the markets managed by them accounted for 90 percent of the consumption.

On the average, transactions with next-day delivery amounted to 1.400 MWh/h, which corresponds to a market share of 42.5 percent of domestic consumption, considering that more than 180 participants are trading on the day trading platforms.

In April, the average price on the SPOT market amounted to 26.34 euros per MWh, which is by 35 percent lower than the European average, which amounts to around 39 euros per MWh.

On day-ahead markets, with which OPCOM is connected, the average price during April amounted to 34.08 euros per MWh (HUPX), 29.89 euros per MWh (OKTE) and 29.76 euros per MWh (OTE).

The cumulative data from the first four months of 2015, in a comparative analysis 2014/15, indicate towards an increase in the trading volume by 12 percent. Accordingly, the participation of SPOT transactions in domestic consumption rose from 39.74 percent within the period January-April 2014 to 43.13 percent within the same period this year.

1.98 TWh were delivered on the futures market, which represents 48 percent of the consumption.

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