Romania: Increase of average day-ahead OPCOM price in March

, SEE Energy News

In March 2021, the average price of electricity on day-ahead market of the Romanian energy exchange OPCOM amounted to 54.46 euros/MWh, which is 83.58 % higher compared to the same month in 2020 and 13.24 % higher compared to the previous month, when average baseload price amounted to 48.09 euros/MWh.

Traded volume in March reached 2.481 million MWh, which is 0.82 % more than in March 2020, and 10.08 % more than in February 2021. Average traded volume in March 2021 amounted to 3,340.2 MWh/h. The total value of transactions in March amounted to 137.02 million euros, which is by 82.77 % more compared to March last year (74.97 million euros) and 22.61 % more than in the previous month (111.75 million euros). The share of day-ahead market in forecasted net consumption in March 2021 amounted to 47.98 %. A total of 93,831.3 MWh was traded on intraday market in March (68.77 % more than in March 2020, and 52.93 % more compared to February 2021), with an average price of 56.53 euros/MWh (51.18 % compared to March 2020 and 15.54 % compared to the previous month). Total traded volume for bilateral contracts with delivery in March amounted to 1.255 million MWh, with an average price of 52.52 euros/MWh.