Romania: Increased imported electricity on 31st August

, SEE Energy News

Due to increasing temperatures and the fact that only one unit of nuclear power plant Cernavoda was operational, Romania imported over 1,000 MW of electricity in the morning of 31 August, the amount even exceeding 1,400 MW in some hours, according to data published by electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica.

The highest volume of imports – 1,402 MW, was reached at 09:00, with the amount gradually decreasing to around 1,000 MW at 12:00. National electricity production averaged at 7,799 MW, while production reached 6,796 MW. Hydro-based production has the largest share with 34 %, followed by coal (20 %), natural gas (18 %), nuclear (14 %), solar (10 %), wind (0.69 %) and biomass with 0.66 % share.

Reduction in production was mostly due to the fact that unit 2 at NPP Cernavoda tripped during weekend and was put back into operation around 07:00 on 31 August. On the other hand, high temperatures during the weekend continued on Monday, which caused increased consumption.