Romania: Large electricity distribution investments at Enel

, SEE Energy News

In 2020, Romanian subsidiary of Italian Enel Group will invest, through its three companies, over 100 million euros in electricity distribution.

The statement from Enel Romania said that investments will focus on the modernization of the electricity networks in Bucharest and ten other counties. However, digitalization remains a priority, in order to pave the way for energy transition. The company’s modernization programs have a direct impact on the network’s ability to provide electricity to new consumers and to improve the management of unplanned disruptions.

Enel Romania operates three electricity distribution companies: E-Distributie Muntenia, E-Distributie Dobrogea and E-Distributie Banat, which will install over 170,000 smart meters in 2020, an investment worth almost 12 million euro.

E-Distributie Banat has an investment budget of 26 million euros for 2020, E-Distributie Dobrogea will invest 24 million euros, while E-Distributie Muntenia has planned over 47 million euros of investments in the modernization of medium- and low-voltage lines, substations and measuring equipment.