Romania: Large investors in renewable energy record losses of 450 MEUR

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The ten largest investors in the renewable wind energy record cumulative losses in the amount of 450 MEUR during last year. By comparison, they made a profit of 112 MEUR in 2013th.

In the period from 2009th to 2013th the total installed capacity of plants that use wind energy increased from 14 MW to 3,000 MW, with an investment of 4.5 billion EUR. Investments have flourished since the state offered generous support program for investors during this period, through green certificates paid by consumers.

International energy companies such as CEZ, Enel, Verbund, Energias de Portugal, has invested in this area. However, it turned out that the support schemes is huge burden for consumers, especially industrial, paying high electricity bills.

The State changed support scheme in mid-2013th, reducing the number of green certificates offered to renewable energy producers, forcing them to rethink their business plans in Romania. , transmits

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