Romania: Lukoil Ploiesti and Lukoil Europe Holdings accused for money laundering

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Prahova Court ordered opening of the judgement in the case of money laundering the Petrotel- Lukoil.

According to a press release issued by the Prahova Tribunal, the court ordered the opening of the judgment for six indicted individuals, but also Petrotel- SC Lukoil Ploiesti.

Appeal can be submitted within 72 hours from notification, the release reads.

Lukoil was indicted originally by prosecutors to the Court of Appeal (PCA) Ploiesti on 3 August last year, being brought to justice SC Petrotel- Lukoil Ploiesti, accused of money laundering, SC Lukoil Europe Holdings Bvatrium Netherlands accused of complicity in the use malevolent company’s credit and complicity in money laundering, and six individuals, and the general manager of Petrotel- Lukoil Ploiesti, Andrey Bogdanov, deputy director general of the company in Ploiesti – Alexey Voinstev, Olga Kuzin, Dan Danulescu, a member of the Board of Petrotel- Lukoil, Andrew Duck, and chief accountant Dorel Duţu.

At the time, prosecutors announced that the damage caused by the defendants committing crimes used against them is in the amount of 7.597.094.338,10 lei equivalent of EUR 1.766.766.125,10.

In December, the trial court found the irregularity of the indictment, and in January ordered the return of the file to the PCA Ploiesti Court decision Prahova being motivated by ‘total inertia’ the prosecutor did not remedy those irregularities nor communicated within the statutory Court Prahova whether or not remains available for prosecuting the case.

Subsequently, on January 22, PCA Ploiesti announced through a press release that the dossier Lukoil was again indicted after prosecutors magistrates rectify the irregularity.

In late March, Prahova Court again found irregularity indictment in this case and ordered troubleshooting, transmits