Romania: Maintenance of NPP Cernavoda’s unit 1 postponed

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The planned maintenance of unit 1 of its nuclear power plant Cernavoda is postponed. The decision was made by Board of Directors of Nuclearelectrica, Romanian electricity producer.

The decision to postpone the planned overhaul of unit 1 of NPP Cernavoda was determined by the current context of the coronavirus outbreak, corroborated with the measures related to the plan for ensuring the protection of personnel and the continuity of operation and production.

The statement from the company said that the postponement does not affect the maintenance of the high level of nuclear safety and efficiency in operation, the production will be carried out at normal parameters.

Since the preparation of a planned maintenance is a complex investment project through the logistic, contracting and personnel structure involved, the Board of Directors decided to postpone the maintenance of NPP Cernavoda’s unit 1 for a period that would allow the implementation of the project without associating with the risk of contamination with COVID-19.

Usually, the planned maintenance of nuclear reactors is performed alternately, every two years for each unit, during the May-June period, for about 30 days.