Romania: MET Energy trade plans the top 10 electricity trading market position in 2016

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After initial successful gas trading business MET Energy trade Romania expanded to electricity trading business. MET eyes a significant market share in Romania.

Competition in the energy supply market is high. In fact, it was that all the time, which forced MET energy trade Romania to innovate and find always new ways having in mind as final target the quality of customer service. Shareholders goal is to enter the top 10 suppliers for both lines of business and that fast, that in the coming year stated Petre Stroe, MET Romania Energy trade deputy CEO.

The difference between competitors is given by the quality of the team, innovation and financial strength. The team is young, with a mix of experienced colleagues, and those who take the first steps in the industry explained Stroe.

The company is active on OPCOM. Obviously there are imbalances between the different trading platforms on OPCOM and imbalances created by cascading launched by ANRE regulations, but here is the difference between just those accused and those who innovate.
Founded in 2009, MET Energy Trade Romania has focused its activity on the supply of gas. At the end of 2014, the company expanded its activity in Romania through the integration of a new business segment, namely the supply of electricity. , transmits