Romania: Modernization tender for Filaret substation

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In order to modernize the 110/20/10kV Filaret substation, Electricity distributor E-Distributie Muntenia, part of the Enel Group, launched a tender. Deadline for the submission of bids is 4 March.

Tender is related to the design and the realization of the upgrade of Filaret substation, with estimated value of between 5.7 and 7.4 million euros and the deadline for the completion of works of two years. The statement from the distributor said that existing equipment at the substation has an operating life of between 25 and 45 years, which makes it impossible to be integrated into the remote control system. The substation is located in nation’s capital Bucharest.

E-Distributie Muntenia invested over 47 million euros in digitalization and modernization of the equipment and the electricity grids in Ilfov and Giurgiu counties, and in Bucharest. Out of the planned 2020 investments, over 12 million euros have been allocated to 110 KV lines and stations, 15 million euros to medium and low voltage lines, 6.2 million euros to supply points and secondary stations, and 8.2 million euros to measuring equipment.