Romania: Monsson Group invested 200MEUR in RES energy sector

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Monsson Group has so far invested more than 200 million euros in the construction and operation of wind farms and photovoltaic plants, as it has been announced in this company. In the last two years, Monsson has expanded its activities in as much as 20 countries, with 500 employees.

“After a delay, we decided to expand our powerful international renewable energy industry in Romania. The lack of new projects lead us to revising investment plans, which we redirected very quickly. The expansion process is supported on the Romanian part, because we are already sufficiently developed and involved in large energy projects, so that we are convinced that we can provide services of equal quality anywhere in the world“, said Sebastian Enache, business development manager in Monsson Group.

“The investment in the international expansion has cost us a lot so far, but we are prepared to continue this process with the aim of increasing the range of our services and expanding to foreign markets“, Enache added.

Currently, Monsson Group has business operations in Europe, Asia, South Africa, in the Near East and New Zealand, moving from the status of developing to implementing complex energy solutions for the projects using renewable energy. Founded in 1997, Monsson turned to RER in 2004 already.

The most famous project of the Monsson Group in Romania has been made for the ČEZ Group, and this is the wind park Fantanele-Cogealac, with the capacity of 600 MW. , transmits

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