Romania, Monsson Group to build 1 GW solar power plant by the end of 2024

, SEE Energy News

The largest renewable energy developer in Romania – Monsson Group has obtained the technical approval for connection to the network for a solar power plant in Arad county, with installed capacity of 1,044 MW.

This is 2.5 times larger than recently announced the 400 MW solar power plant by Israeli developer Nofar Energy, to be developed in Giurgiu county. Besides Nofar’s power plant will have 169 MW within the first phase, with possible expansion to 400 MW, depending on the technical conditions of the national electricity network.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024, with eastimated cost of some 600 million euros.

The largest solar power plant currently in operation in Romania has a capacity of 60 MW, while the largest wind farm has an installed capacity of 260 MW.

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