Romania: More Enel investments in preparation

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Enel is preparing to significantly increase investments in Romania in the next period, especially in the renewable energy sector, said CFO of the company Alberto de Paoli.

Enel’s CEO Francesco Starace, also said that Romania is a wonderful country for foreign investors and can benefit greatly from the green policy of the European Union. There are many investment opportunities in the future, there is great growth potential for renewable energy, which is in line with the European trend that the European Commission is trying to impose. Enel believes that Romania should benefit a lot from the Green Deal and it is on a good trajectory in this regard.

He also stressed that Enel will continue its investments in renewable energy in Romania, adding that it will continue to transform networks into digital ones and sees potential for increasing retail services and business customers in Romania.

However, Starace said that Enel will not invest in the gas extraction sector. The company sold the gas distribution a long time ago because it does not see any added value in this type of asset, given the electrification trend that has engulfed everyone.